We believe that the trend for stagnant economic growth and weakening competitiveness of Japanese companies will last for some more time. Japanese companies, except for large multi-national corporations, are finding themselves at odds with its competitors outside Japan. Many companies with excellent resources including technologies, brands, client base, human resources or manufacturing capabilities are finding limitations on growth as they are often too domestic: cost/quality competitiveness eroding as a result of excessive dependence on domestic resources, yet being unable or reluctant to start major initiatives to venture outside Japan.

Japan is one of the major developed economies in the world. Its consumer market is large, and accumulation of industrial/commercial resources offers large potential if it is tapped in a right way. For example, Japanese companies would be able to introduce competitive products/services from outside Japan, and non-Japanese companies would be able to utilize various strengths of Japanese companies to gain competitiveness in emerging markets outside Japan.

It is our belief that the era for cross-border alliances is emerging again, and in fact it is just around the corner. Tapping the opportunities of the Japanese economy offers – whether they be technology licensing and marketing opportunities, strategic alliances and joint ventures, or mergers and acquisitions – can be a daunting challenge without the proper assistance, however. Nimbus Associates can help: we offer a suite of advisory and business consulting services that can smooth the way for non-Japanese firms to penetrate the Japanese market, including target identification, approach and offers, structuring, valuation, due-diligence, negotiation and documentation.