Name Biography

Izumi Nishizaki

President & CEO

Before founding Nimbus Associates in 2010,  Mr. Nishizaki was a co-founder and President of Pinnacle Inc, an independent M&A advisory boutique with 20 professionals.  He personally originated and completed nearly 30 M&A transactions during 5 years of his tenure at Pinnacle. 

Between 2000 and 2004, Mr. Nishizaki was Managing Director in charge of M&A practice for UBS, Japan.  He built its M&A team, and achieved a top ranking position in Japanese cross-boarder M&A advisory between 2001-2003.

Mr. Nishizaki was with the Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan between 1979 and 1999. After spending a few years in middle market lending for LTCB, Mr. Nishizaki was sponsored to go to Harvard Business School (1983-1985).  After HBS he spent several years in LTCB New York in real estate and project finance. After coming back to Japan in 1990, he spent 5 years in M&A Advisory Division, then one of the top-ranked teams for cross-border M&A transactions in Japan. Starting in 1994 he worked as a deputy general manager of the Strategic Planning Department.  He executed various strategic initiatives of LTCB including an alliance with UBS, sale of LTCB subsidiaries, merger negotiation with Sumitomo Trust Bank and nationalization of LTCB. In 1999, he led the team in finding a buyer for LTCB and successfully concluded the transaction with Ripplewood.

BA Hitotsubashi University, MBA Harvard Business School