Why Nimbus

Nimbus Associates is an investment banking boutique specializing in merger, acquisition, and divestitures of companies within 20 million to several hundred million dollars.

Experience and expertise

All of the bankers with Nimbus are bilingual, highly trained, and experienced in executing cross-border M&A transactions. Their experiences are based not only as bankers, but also as clients.  Unlike many M&A advisory firms with accounting background, all of the Nimbus bankers are from financial or corporate background, thus can deal with transactions in more business oriented, dynamic way.

Small organization

Small organization of 7 professionals, Nimbus is not under constant pressure to maintain costly headcounts. That makes Nimbus act truly for its client, rather than for maximizing its own profit. Being lean and small gives Nimbus more flexibility, better communication, and cost competitiveness. In addition, the size gives Nimbus luxury of being quality conscious in recruiting talents and in choosing transactions/clients to work on/for.

Neutral and extensive contact network

Nimbus does not belong to any group of corporate groups. In Japan, most of M&A advisory firms belong to corporate groups or banking groups. This makes bias in client contacts, or more often lead to conflict of interests as the target may be a borrower to the related bank (in which case M&A advisor may act on bank’s interest) or borrower to the competitor bank (in which case M&A Advisor may not be able to have a constructive dialogue with the target).

Bankers of Nimbus has accumulated extensive network of direct contacts with senior people in various industries. In addition, its close contact with many banks, security firms, accountants, consultants and M&A advisors make it possible to reach large number of large and mid size corporations in Japan.